Tuesday, May 19, 2015

They're all dead

All 100 of their kind.  I thought I would see them during this visit but they did not make it.  They weren't able to stand the heat, so they bid adieu to the earth.

I was looking forward to naming each one of the 100 coffee trees we planted 2 months ago.  You see, a friend recently gave me 2 mulberry trees for planting.  Before we parted, she told me to please call the 2 trees, "Anak ng Diyos" (Child of God).  I'm not kidding, I swear.

So, on my way to the farm, I'm thinking that if I'm going to call the 2 trees Anak ng Diyos, Sr. and Anak ng Diyos, Jr, I have to give names to the 100 coffee trees we planted, as well.  

"How will I remember all their names?, I asked myself.  "Will I etch it on their trunk? But that might hurt them.  Using white paint might be the better solution.  But, what names will I give?  Will they each have a different name or just a generic name like Karen and i'll just add in a number.  So, I have Karen1, Karen2 until Karen100." These thoughts ran on my mind as I travel.

I arrived at the farm to see that I have no coffee tree to name.  I asked my father, "How come?".  

"It's too hot lately", he answered.  

I sought a second opinion from my godmother who has a farm in the same village.  She gave the same advice and added, "It's best that you plant when it's raining."

I remembered what my 80 year old friend said when she was convincing me to try farming,  "You will learn to respect the seasons and understand nature.".  

Back in Manila, I hear people complain that it's too hot.  In the boondocks, however, the weather's not merely inconvenient.  It also affects their livelihood but the farmers are simply telling me, "Just plant again when it rains".

Hence, from this day forward, I resolved not to complain or be pulled down by the heat.  

The world is old and so the weather's going haywire- too hot, too cold, too rainy.  I guess, I just have to respect that it's the reality now.

Goodbyes Karens 1-100.  It's ok.  I'll just plant again.

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