Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Dearest Mother

"Why do you worry?", I asked my mom.

"Let me worry.  I'm your mother.  It's my job to worry!", she snapped.

I tortured my youngest sister once by making her sit and wait in a corner until she finishes counting to 100.  I knew that my mom is in the other room so I am free to bully her.

She must have bionic ears and super speed because she rescued my little sister from my evil plan before she even counts to 10.

She did punish me once for a grave mistake I can no longer remember.

I was made to kneel down on a winnowing basket (bilao) of mung beans with my two arms outstretched and a glass full of water on each hand (talk about corporal punishment). My siblings would tease me that I've become Miss goody two-shoes after that incident.

But, she's very supportive of  any project which will allow me to grow.

She flew with me out of the country once and took care of all the expenses to simply accompany me to take a test.  I was already working at that time and I can pretty much take care of myself but she insisted (so why not?).

Even if I turn 60, I think I will always be your little girl and you'll always worry about me (and my other siblings) so you should try meditation, mom.

Kidding, I don't want to give you another unsolicited advice.  What I really want to say is,  I now understand that you do what you do because you love me.

Even when we don't see eye to eye at times, please know that I love you too!

P.S.  This is my post Mother's Day greeting.  Sorry, I am 2 days late.  We've just finished the exhibit.  I know you would understand, as always.  I love you, mama!


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