Thursday, April 23, 2015

The Ring

Dadi Gulzar giving drishti (spiritual vision)  

I sneaked in at the back of the hall.  A ring ceremony was under way.  This event was specially for students who are first timers in Madhuban which doesn't include me.  I simply came to get a replacement for the ring I lost.

The students from different countries all lined up and waited for their turn to get their gift. From my seat, I was watching a parade of nations- of people with different faces, sizes and skin colors. Everyone has the same twinkle in their eyes though and a distinct happiness.  Some were overly excited.  They were walking down the aisle very slowly like a bride, complete with bouquet and hairdress.  On one side are the paparazzis, friends and families who were eagerly waiting for their loved one to go up the stage and be fitted the ceremonial ring.

I was a mere spectator- happily observing the scene and sometimes wondering why some of those who were going down the stage have become very emotional.  I caught one brother wiping his tears away and asked,  "Why are you crying?".  He evaded the issue and said, "I'm not. Some dusts got into my eyes".  (I swear I saw tears running down his eyes like waterfalls.)    

When most of the people have gone.  I went up the stage and whispered to the didi (older sister) giving the ring, "I've lost my ring.  Can I please get another one?"

She did not reply but gently nodded.  While, she was fitting the rings, she gave me a deep drishti (loving spiritual gaze).  I felt that she saw pass my face and right through my soul.  There was instantly a recognition of that part of me which is beautiful and true- that pristine part of my being.  Then she gently placed her hand on top of my hand, and I felt as though my Supreme Father is telling me, "I am here for you, dearest child".  

I felt a tug in my heart and my eyes watered.  Now, I know why they were crying.

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