Tuesday, April 21, 2015

How to become an angel

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"Very few have such dharna (practice) that they can be called angels.", says Dadi Janki, the 99 year old administrative head of Brahma Kumaris Meditation.

"Always do what is right and others will follow your path.  This is the way to become an angel", she explains.  "Everything that we do, everything that we say and everywhere that we go- all that has to be (aligned to) the truth.", she continues.

Dadi Janki simplifies the truth in three points.

First, remember who you are.  You are a soul, a sparkling star, a spiritual energy.  You have everything you need inside of you: power, peace, purity, happiness and love.

Second, who do you belong to?  You belong to the Supreme Soul, the Father of all souls.  We call Him in different names.  We converse with Him in different manners but we all belong to that One who lives beyond.

Third, know that everything is good.  This is the knowledge of the drama.  Understand that each one is playing his part accurately in this world stage.

She also cautions, "Do not perform actions that are devoid of truth because they will prevent you from becoming an angel.  Be careful of what you think and say because you will increase the burden on your head if you get into negativity."

She clarifies that, "an angel touches the earth only to perform good actions and then he goes beyond".  Therefore she advises, "Remain light and do that which is good."    

Then, she challenges everyone, "Do you have the pure feeling that you should spread peace and love in all four directions?...This is what we need to be doing? Do we have any other work to do?

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