Sunday, July 20, 2014

I met a prince

cartoon from petit prince gallerie

He was wearing a long cape, a brown cowboy hat, sando, shorts and slippers- nothing like a prince's wardrobe but he assured me that he is a prince.  "My dad is a  king!", he boasted.  I saw past his strange outfit and gave him a curtsy. 

His nanny cautioned me that arguing with him is pointless because he is so convinced that he is a prince.  He would sneak out the towel with a hood he is using as a cape from the laundry area even when it's soiled.  He told all his friends that the hat he's wearing is really a crown and he refused to remove it (and the cape) even when he was sweating profusely while playing dodgeball outdoors.  His friends rewarded his persistence by calling him Prince Mateo.  His lady friend even volunteered to be his princess (even without courtship or dowry!).

I smiled as I watch the scene unfold.  Look at this young boy of four, all he had really was a strong belief and the whole of his universe connived to fulfill it.  In his mind, he was a prince so he acted like one.  Hence, even without demanding the title, subjects or princess he was able to attract everything to himself.

Belief is such a powerful potion.  We use it as children but we forget it as we grow up.  More often than not, that's the only thing we need to turn our dreams into reality.  Thank you, Prince Mateo for reminding me!  

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