Sunday, August 3, 2014

I met a fairy

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She watches the wind
Dance around the trees
At the height of the storm
And giggles while everybody else panics

She sleeps under the clouds and talks to it
The clouds answer her back
While the rest of the world stares 
At their own black box

She sings
and the birds chirp
Later, the crickets join in
It's the most beautiful of concerts, she says

She tells me about the Gardener
Who cares for 
And looks after
All of us flowers

Each one is different, she says
The lotus thrives in the mud
The bamboo lives near the water
The orchid loves air

And the Gardener knows 
Each and every single flower
and knows exactly where to put it
In His vast manicured lawn

The fairy taught me to trust the Gardener
He knows my heart
And places me where I can grow best
I am exactly where I should be

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