Monday, July 7, 2014

My lucky month has ended, now what?

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A feng shui expert who also happens to be a good friend told me that June is my luckiest month this year.  "This is the best time to run after your goals", she advised.

I  noted it down, but since I'm still conserving energy at this point, I decided not to pursue anything.  Even when I was told that the elements will conspire to make whatever I want to happen happen,   I did not budge.  Instead,  I simply increased my me-time and inner work (meditation and introspection).  

Just now, I realized that my lucky month has passed.  Briefly,  I made an inventory of what has transpired:

  • moved-in to a nicer box
  • stayed at my happy place on weekends (as much as I can)
  • did not see my doctor (cause I don't need to)
  • landed a facilitating gig 
  • starting a new project for the NGO 
  • still working in lala land (cause i feel as though I can sing lalalala the whole day at work)

Wow!  She's right, so far June is my best month ever for 2014!  I don't think my stars or physical effort has anything to do with it though.

Firstly, I did not follow my friend's advice (I didn't seek out the gig or the project).  Moreso,  I didn't put in more hours at work, at the non-profit organization or even at finding a new place.  Instead, I took time to nurture myself.  I saw to it that I have a clear head and a light heart.  And just like magic, opportunities came knocking.  

Now, I understand that if I take really good care of myself (what I'm thinking and feeling), luck will find me!

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