Sunday, June 29, 2014

Not thinking works!

photo from Special Achievers
It's true what my monk friends admonish, whatever is your right will come to you.

The same day I posted that article I receive a call to help facilitate a team building session for a pharmaceutical company.  My mind says I am not qualified but my instinct says go for it.

Since I've been practicing 'not thinking' lately, I said yes.  I am glad I did.

On our way to the event, we fetched the owner of the company at the airport.  She was a classmate in meditation but we never really got the chance to sit down and talk prior to this meeting.  She was very warm and showed interest in the non-profit organization for persons with disability I co-founded with  3 other colleagues.

"I received the orange bag as a gift and  I love it!" she exclaimed. 

She then asked about our artists, how they discovered their gifts and how focusing on their strengths help them.

By the end of our conversation, she had a brilliant idea, "How about we showcase 18 artworks of children with disability in the company's calendar which will be distributed to doctors all over the Philippines and meditation students across the globe". 

"I want to see angels, flowers, even abstract designs", she excitedly shared.  "Let them paint or draw whatever they want to".

"My theme for this project is from thorns to flowers.  Until now, some people still could not embrace those who are different.  Let us emphasize their greatness!  They are flowers not thorns.  Let's show the world what these special children can do."

I wanted to jump up and down in the moving car right there and then.  You see, our organization can only afford to feature 2 special achievers a year and she's giving us an opportunity to put a spotlight on the creativity and artistry of 18 kids this year!  Moreover, the company would take care of the production and distribution.   

Thank you very much, PROSEL for this beautiful collaboration.

I'm so glad, I trusted my guts and did not over think.

Postscript:  If you have a disability or know someone with special needs who has a portfolio of artworks, please feel free to send at least 3 pictures (or more) of his/her masterpieces at Differently Special Achievers Movement with a short description of the artist and his/her talent on or before July 16, 2014. Thank you.          

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