Sunday, June 15, 2014

Dearest Papa

I seriously doubt you'll read this
You never go online 
Still, I want to tell the world 
How awesome you are
So here goes...

Thank you for teaching me 
How to find joy in the simplest of things.  
I bought you a toothbrush once
Couldn't forget how you showed it off to mama
As though you received a gold watch  

And, you've always believed in my ideas
No matter how crazy it may seem
When I told you about yogic agriculture
In an instant you said, "I'll have a nipa hut built for you"
"So, you can meditate in the middle of the farm"

When I was into organic stuff
You drove for me until we reached the mountain
Where the natives live and process their produce
The whole family thought it's something I'll start but never finish
But,  you simply allowed me to go through this phase

And you support me, inspite of my absurdities 
When I told you that I want to be a monk
You didn't say anything
Instead, you gave me a land title
And said I can get my share

I've never heard "it can't be done" from you
You always let me dream
And you will accompany me even to the ends of the earth to pursue it
You always tell me that I'm great
Even when I can't see it

Whenever, I go home you'll always be at the pier to pick me up
And when I'm down and out, you say "It'll pass"
I must have done something right to deserve a dad as wonderful as you
I will forever thank God for putting you in my life
To my number one fan, Happy Father's Day! 

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