Thursday, October 1, 2015

I'm a knife?!

"I'm tired.", I complain to The One who's making me do things.

You see on top my usual workload, I feel pulled to do attend to other matters.

On my three day weekends, I am either here...

This is a portion of the farm I'm helping develop.  I love going here.  I'm mostly just supervising but I wish I can go there in a wink of an eye and avoid the 10-12 hours travel to and fro the farm and Manila.

or meeting with people to make this happen more regularly...

This is the free mentorship program of Special Achievers, an NGO which puts a spotlight on the strengths and passions of persons with disability.  We're pilot testing this program in a public SPED school in Rodriguez,Rizal and in a foundation for children with cancer.

I love both tasks!  If I have my way though, all I ever want to do on my weekends is this...

"Why do put so many things on my plate", I ask.

"What do you call yourself, again?"

"An instrument", I quickly reply.

"Then, you only have one responsibility- to be sharp."

"What do you mean? ", I query.

"Well, if you really believe that you are an instrument then, you're simply like a knife in the hands of the Master Chef.  The knife doesn't complain if it cuts fruits, vegetables or tofu because it doesn't do the hard work- the Chef does.  It only needs to be sharp.  The Chef does everything else.

video from Release Your Wings

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