Thursday, September 17, 2015

Just do it!

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Some things hit you like a cold shower when you're barely awake.

I've been browsing through the book Heal your Mind and Body by Dr. Chandrashekhar and Azeem Dana.  The chapter on  psychosomatic diseases catch my attention.  Since, I have colds right now I quickly check if it's part of the list. In bold letters, it says:

Indecisiveness, need to make decision and not doing so, feeling sorry for self and wishing to delay activity.

Pak! I felt like I was given a cold shower.  

I admit it, the words went through me like a sword.

Instead of going through my usual process of looking inward, asking myself, analysis and over analysis, I simply stopped the barrage of questions, got my phone and made the call I've long been stalling.

Today I learned that even if the plans are not perfectly laid out and I'm still doubting yourself, I have to make a move.  

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