Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Ode to my 60 year old friend

I don't know why we click
Is it because you're really a child trapped in an old body?
You enjoy hip-hop classes
Even when the tempo's too fast for you
You dance in your own beat anyway!

Or because you allow me to be the grown-up sometimes?
You don't mind at all if I correct you
"You have to be quiet before meditation class"
"Touch down is for airplanes not for smartphones"
"There's an s after Starbuck or Rustan"

Is it because you enjoy exploring as much as I do?
You'll try out qigong even if you think it's boring
Coax me to go boxing instead 
Head to the pool even if you can't swim
Even go to a remote forest to farm

Probably, it's because you let me be
Though you believe (with all your heart) 
That I don't have the makings of a master chef
You teach me anyway 
Even when I sleep in the middle of a baking session 

We're as different as day and night
For one, I'm young and you're super old ( kidding :) )
I am pensive, you like talking
I am carefree to a fault
You are accurate to the dot 

I still cannot pinpoint exactly what it is 
But, I am very grateful for the friendship
Even when you call me a pest at times 
And I retaliate with the loudest, "I don't like!"
We somehow get along

I am glad you're my friend, Sister Norie!

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