Tuesday, November 4, 2014

I'm back!

I just came from the boondocks.  I learned that I can survive without internet connection for a whole week- and no tv, movie or online games to boot!

A shout out to all netizens, "Hey, you will not die if you log-out!"  

In fact in was very refreshing.

Tuning out from all the outside noise allowed me to commune with myself, nature and the Divine.  I would like to rattle on but pictures speak louder than words.  So, allow me to give you a glimpse of my life in the farm.

This is the river I cross daily to get to work.

In a week, I together with 3 other farmers were able to plant
 174 narra, 50 marang and 50 cacao trees.

We also started a vegetable garden.

Honestly, all I wanted to do is sleep and let the others do the work.

But my father says, they will follow my lead.  So, I got my hands dirty.    

It was worth it!  Nature rewarded me with its bounty every single day.

I also had time for rest and relaxation with friends.

I now know where I'll head off next vacation.

**Pictures courtesy of Nory San Juan

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