Friday, January 31, 2014

10 Things 2013 taught me

Kung hei fat choi!  Since today is the start of the year for the Chinese, my year in review is just in time (though i'm not Chinese & it's technically the end of the first month).

I'm just glad that I met my self-imposed  deadline.  (To be honest, I have been trying to finish it since Jan.1)  You see, I refuse to let facebook choose the highlights of my year.  So, on the first month of the new year,  I have decided to go back memory lane, revisit some of my previous blog entries for 2013 & extract its essence. I remember what my college professor said many years back, "History is important because it allows you to look at the past and learn from it".

Here are my top 10 learnings from the year that was:

1.   I'm still in the process of  becoming a diamond hence the pressure and the mess.  I wish I can be  spared the pain but it is crucial that I go through this so I can be the jewel that  I truly am. (from Let the past be the past)

2.   Old habits stay because it's comfortable.  On the other hand, sticking to new habits is painful- initially.  But when I understand it for what it really is, then changing can be a breeze. (from On going berserk)

3.   I say, "No more!"  to ruminating about the past or the future.  These ifs, what could haves, buts, and whys shall touch me no more....I shall hold my precious precious time like the gold present it is.  (froThe garbage truck has been stalking me)

4.   Whenever I complain about something or someone. It's never about them. In reality, there's something lacking inside me.  Complaining is the red flag that tells me I am unhappy. (from Thinking positively works)

5.  “Make a firm promise, you will remain happy and share happiness.  There is no nourishment like happiness.  There is so much wonder in happiness”. (from Stay happy no matter what)

6.   Time is the currency I pay in life.  If I let my hours pass meaninglessly then I spill potential gold coins of new experiences, connections and learnings.  But, if I use it then I taste life's offerings and insert some coins in a piggy bank labeled future. (from The tv took me hostage)

7.   Realization is the first step to change. Then, I only need to gather the courage to do the right thing -again and again until I form the habit of just moving forward towards the goal, not minding the hurdles. (from How to kill addiction)

8.   We only need to awaken to the truth that our real selves is not connected to anything we have, or whatever we do, not even to what we have become.  Essentially, we are beings of love, peace, happiness, purity and power.  There's really no need to scramble to look for it.  The very thing we seek in our lives is inherent in us.  We simpy have to remember who we really are. ( from I was a zombie )

9.  Fear is like a humongous dragon but, if you look closely enough, it’s all just smoke- a scary-looking mirage.  You’re made of tougher stuff.  You have the heart of a lion! ( from Dearest little sister)               

10.  Any negative emotion- fear, anger, worry, regret, or hurt impedes my inner eye from seeing people and circumstances for what they truly are.  It is only when I remove these blinders that I can let love back in and then be able to give it out. (from Thank you little sister)   

                                                   meditation commentary from  Easy Meditation

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