Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Note to self

  illustration by Kristina Swarner                                                       

People will disappoint you
though how well-meaning they may seem
They are not robots
They cannot or will not do things exactly as you expect them to
Be accommodating

People will hurt you
Even if they don't want to
Even if they love you
They sometimes forget or they get too attached to you
Let go

People will not always like you
They are as fickle as the weather
It's not about you
It's about them but they bounce it off to you
Don't mind them

The good thing is
People can change
like seasons
People can evolve
like iphones

Give them space
Allow them to be who they choose to choose to be
And remain stable in who you are
Don't let them shake you
Be a rock, be their rock

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