Monday, February 10, 2014

Dearest little brother

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    I recently received a message from my youngest brother. It says:

    hi ate (older sister), we have 2 followers na (already). hahaha. don't follow us unless you like our posts ok.

    I didn't follow him (not yet), instead I wrote him back...

    Dearest little brother,

I still have fond memories of you
As a chubby little kid who would never stop eating
Until his tummy hurts
I read your blog today and I wonder,
When did you become so smart?

I saw how you battle the demons in your head
And chase away each one of them
It seemed impossible to get out of the rut you're in
But you were very determined so you came out of it with laurels on your head
How did you become so strong?

I still remember how I had to ask you to name at least one real friend
At that time, you could not even utter a name
Now, mama complains that your batallion of friends
Can ransack her one week's supply of food in a jiffy
When did you become so amiable?

I never told you, that you are one of the reason why I'm doing what I'm doing
It hurts so deep to see you struggle before
It cuts like a knife and while I keep a tough exterior I was crying inside
 I thought there was no way back, all medical books say all roads lead to a downward spiral
You proved them wrong

Of course, we were there for you
But all the credit goes to you
Because you fought hard with all the courage in your soul
You braved the storms
And you found your gift at the tail-end

I hope that you continue to nurture this
It has saved you
And now you have the antidote to redeem others
I know that the road seems bleak at this point
 Continue to follow your heart and your happily-ever-after will meet you real soon

                                                             commentary from easymeditation

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