Monday, March 25, 2013

Thinking Positively Works!

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Ever since I decided to bid adieu to the infamous truck (Please see The Garbage Truck Has Been Stalking Me if you don't know what I'm talking about), I never came face to face with the stinky vehicle again.

Good job!
Kudos, self! You drove the truck away!  I vow that I shall never never never (for emphasis) waddle in waste thoughts again.  To seal the deal, I gave myself specific thoughts to think about daily.  "It's ok, everything's fine." or  "I'm taking responsibility for healing myself".  I also pick 3-4 points to ponder from my meditation class.  I really keep my mind busy on focusing, experiencing, or reflecting on pure, positive, and beneficial thoughts throughout the day.  (I'll tell you in on a secret, it's impossible to keep the mind blank.  It's occupation is to think, think, and think some more.  The key is to guide it to hold on to the right things.) So, if I see it going elsewhere, I gently redirect it back to it's assignment for the day.

Anatomy of Complaints
Now that I'm ok, I gathered my learnings while I was immersed in the mud of negativity.  For now, I'd like to focus on the three things I deduced about complaints.
  1. Whenever I complain about something or someone. It's never about them. In reality, there's something lacking inside me.  Complaining is the red flag that tells me I am unhappy.
  2. Then, when I don't feel good about myself, I try to look for happiness outside.  Like a half-filled canister, I yak and yak about my misfortune and I go around begging for other people's sympathy.
  3. As I continue to evade the issue, I may even go as far as projecting my unhappiness to others.  I point out their mistakes and faults.  I am unhappy, so no one should be happy.  
What happens then
If left unchecked, then I move along my life taking support from others or scarring other people.  Like the garbage truck, I spread repulsive, heavy and peaceless vibration everywhere I go- whether it be my  home, or workplace.  This consequently, attracts more adversities, leaving me in a deeper hole. 

My hope is that, we wake up soon enough before we dig our own graves.  All it takes, is a matter of attention and a determination to shift our mode of thinking.
Meditation Commentary on Positive Focus by EasyMeditation


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