Thursday, May 24, 2012

I watched the rain today

I was in the garden of the retreat center when the foreboding signal of rain came- cold breeze and gloomy sky.  I was crossed between going back inside or staying on the sofa outside to watch the impending downpour.  I chose the latter.  While waiting, I realized that I haven't watched the rain for the longest time (probably around a decade).  Just as soon as the thought came, as if on cue, the rain  gently fell to the ground for a good 20 seconds.  Nothing spectacular happened.  The raindrops touched the ground in its usual linear pattern.

The garden I watered last week was different though (I volunteer in the center on my weekends).  The dry brownish grass with a splash of green had turned into a green carpet with a sprinkle of brown.  The plants looked happier in their more vibrant colors and the flowers were in bloom. (It's been raining for a week, I've heard.)

After scanning the garden, I couldn't help but look up to see where the rain came from.

I hope that I could be like the rain.  It's short presence (for a week) had made the garden more beautiful and made me remember to look up to the Source.

My wish is that you be the same as the rain too, connected to the One, a blessing for others and a reminder for them to look above.          

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