Tuesday, June 7, 2016


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The secret of 
The happiness
Of doing nothing
Has alluded me- of late

Until I encountered Yin (yoga)
And never mind the complexities”
My teacher says

“Just relax
Let go of any tension
Simply stay grounded” 
Another teacher admonishes

And as we assume another asana (pose)
She gently reminds
“Sometimes it’s tough
Just breathe through it”

On the day of the full moon
Almost all my patients launched a protest 
And screamed their lungs out
Hour after each hour

“Breathe and never mind the complexities”
I remind myself

Then, I need to put a project to a halt
In the meantime at least
Until I finish the paper works 
And more volunteers show up

“Relax and let go of any tensions”, I chant
“Stay grounded and things will flow”

A plan needs to be rescheduled
Out of nowhere 
Something unexpected pops up
Everything is now in disarray

“Sometimes, it’s tough
Breathe through it”, I told myself

When I decided to be gentle 
With myself and with life
The teachers showed up
Saying the same thing in oh-so-different-ways 

“Just focus on the breathing
Focus on your energy and never mind the rest”

P.S.  Special thanks to my yin yoga teachers Roxanne & Bea for being great in what they do and for gently coaching me towards yin. 

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