Tuesday, April 5, 2016

I love take offs

It reminds me of what it takes to fly.

First, the plane has to run non-stop at a fast speed on the runway. Then, it goes off the ground.  Finally, it flies up up and away to the sky.  

Once you’re rubbing elbows with the clouds, when you look down, everything as in every thing down under is so miniscule- even the tallest of mountains.

image from avionale.com

That is what my journey looks like this time around when I went to Mount Abu, India for my annual retreat.

At first, along with 900 foreigners from 50 countries, I was running to get up at 3:30am daily for the dawn meditation (30 minutes earlier than my usual schedule), running to attend the early meditation class at 6:30am after queueing up for my turn in the bathroom (I was sharing a big room with 6 other people initially) and running to get to the bus station on time so I can attend the morning and afternoon classes with senior yogis in the main campus  (I was billetted in the oldest campus, ~15 minutes away from the main campus).

Then, after a while, everything moves like clockwork.  I wake up even before my alarm rings (often hours before).  Suddenly, there’s no need to queue up in the bathroom.  And, I show up at the bus station 10 minutes prior its scheduled departure. (I was usually the last one running and waving for them to wait up.)

After putting in consistent effort for spiritual study, I felt that the soul is flying- high above my gigantic concerns at work, volunteer work 
and home.  

From that space, even the biggest of obstacles seem like an ant I can pinch (though I don’t kill ants or any living thing for that matter)  

The challenge now is to continue flying as I face the mundane.



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