Saturday, December 12, 2015

Don't think

I have a friend 
Who is a worrywart
In her head, any scenario no matter how bright and sunny
Will eventually end up in smoke

To her, I say "Don't think"

I have a brother
Who plans on and on about his future
When he's barely even a year in his new job
Who talks about his next investment when he hasn't even saved a penny

To him, I say "Don't think"

I have a heart
Which often gets heavy when it takes in 
What other people think
Or its wacky guess of what it thinks other people think

To my heart, I say "Don't think"

I have a mind
Which moves from north pole to south pole in a minute
Swings from positive to negative in a second
And zooms from one thought to another in a nanosecond

To my mind, I say "Don't think"

I have an intellect
Which enjoys weighing things
Asking a gazillion of questions like a reporter
Moving from one process to another like a machine

To my intellect, I say "Don't think"

"That's baloney!"
They all quipped
It is impossible not to think
Can one stop the train of thought?

It can't be done

I say, "Be still"
Stay calm
Like the fulcrum of the wheel
Like the eye of the storm

The thinking doesn't stop

I reason
You are not a human doing
Or a human thinking
You are a human being

Simply be

Be the peace you are searching for
Be the happiness that you crave for 
Be the love that you long for
Can you not feel it?


Remove the costume of the body
Detach from the world of what is
Go to the world of I am
Dip your finger in the world of energy


You are peace
You are happiness
You are love
You are spirit


That everything is good
Even when your limited vision disagrees
Know that whatever is your right
Will come to you without any struggle


That life is like a movie
With actors with their own parts
And circumstances you cannot direct
Flow with how the reel spins

Don't think


P.S. This is the perspective of a 6 year old yogi. Do you want to know a 50 year old yogi's view on the matter? British lecturer BK Denise Lawrence will share her insights while you will hear the reflections of a 100 year old yogi during this multi-media dance concert.

No tickets. Just go. Don't think! Hope to see you there.


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