Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Of rainbows and green pixie dusts

I've seen a lot of rainbow colored profile pictures on facebook lately, alongside different opinions and varied emotions on the topic.

As always, I am Switzerland (neutral).  For me, rainbows will always represent the beautiful colors of the soul.  I play this game with people, tell me your favorite color of the rainbow and I will tell you your strongest virtue.

No peeking! Answer the question first and then read on.

image from EasyMeditation

Red is for Power.
Orange for Purity.
Yellow for Happiness.
Green for Love.
Blue for Peace.
Indigo for Truth.
Violet for Balance.

What did you get?   

By the way, here's my two cent's worth on celebrate pride.  You see, I've been taught that all souls are brothers which means we are family.  I don't know about you but from where I come from, we don't throw family out in the streets- even if we have all the right reasons to.  Even if we don't agree with their beliefs or their decisions, we love them anyway.  I know it's hard to do.  It's easier to just push our position down their throats.  It's easier to say "I am right and you are wrong".  It's easier to rant.

I wish that everyone will simply accept.  Often, it's hard because I have to go down from my "I am right" pedestal or wave the white flag.  Sometimes, it means I have to swallow my pride or keep mum even if I have a long speech prepared.  

Green pixie dusts of acceptance (a.k.a. rays of love)- this is my wish for both celebrators and naysayers. Afterall, we're family.

                                                                  video from EasyMeditation

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