Sunday, January 6, 2013

On Going Berserk

I rarely watch tv (like i'll probably gape at a commercial first shown months ago) but when I do, I can go on forever.  I can live on salad (like just lettuce and tomato with lemon dressing) for  a week but when I go crazy, i can drink a liter of soda with 2 giant bags of chips in one sitting.

I realized that it's when I feel deprived that I go out of the wagon (the good one).  I surmised that's probably the main reason why I keep on pressing snooze when my alarm rings and why I break new year's resolutions. This feeling of being deprived sends me back crawling to my old patterns.

Old habits stay because it's comfortable.  On the other hand, sticking to new habits is painful- initially.

But when I understand it for what it really is, then changing can be a breeze.  Like no one can make me eat meat- be it lechon, fried chicken, or even chocolate cake because I fully comprehend the logic behind it.  I am vegetarian because I believe in and practice non-violence.

Now, I really just have to understand why I have to eliminate my occassional addictions and I can change.

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